Aroma – Responsive Magento Restaurant Theme (Magento)

Vintage and vivid, responsive Magento theme Aroma
is a striking choice to decorate your online restaurant. Harmonized
with resourceful blocks of content and imagery, this Magento restaurant
theme brings such a pleasing experience that proves the professional and
customers-oriented manner of your restaurant in visitors’ eyes.

Responsive Magento theme Aroma
Responsive Magento theme Aroma

Let’s go through some Aroma’s tasty highlights, shan’t us?

#1 Truly responsive web design

Responsive web design for Responsive Magento theme Aroma
Aroma’s layouts in mobile devices

As any Magento 1.9 theme, Aroma supports responsive web design
at core. Accordingly, your site will be auto confirm to different
screen sizes at best. In such a golden age of mobile devices, being
responsive will optimize your piece of cake in the fast-growing
eCommerce market.

#2 Advanced navigation system

Responsive Magento theme Aroma comes up with such a sleek navigation
system that guarantees the highest convenience of visitors travelling in
your restaurant.

Magento extension Mega Menu in Responsive Magento theme Aroma
Mega menu for Aroma

Mega Menu

Mega Menu is surely a must for any professional
eCommerce site nowadays. As a smart menu solution especially for sites
with a wide range of products, Mega Menu gives you the best way
presenting your catalogue while showing off ads and promotions at the
same theme.

Off-canvas navigation in Responsive Magento theme Aroma
Aroma with Off-canvas navigation


Coming along with the responsive web design, Off-canvas parallel menu
makes traveling within collapsed screens of mobile devices easier than
ever. Just a click needed, and your visitors can jump from page to page
freely without any clicking back to the main menu. Woot!

Magento extension QuickView in Responsive Magento theme Aroma
Pop up for the quick view of product details


Quickview function offers the quick access to any
product item details. Instead of opening a whole new site as we used to,
Quickview allows customers to get info for an actual product through a
pop-up window. Plus, the Add-to-Cart button is sticky there for the
comfort of your buyers.

#3 Beautiful content display

Magento extension Category List in Responsive Magento theme Aroma
The slider of categories in Aroma

Category list

Aroma ships a lively category list within a slider. With a cool block
for each category, you can surely present your list of product ranges
impressively. If anyone hover on the list, the next categories will auto
slide out.

Magento extension Slideshow in Responsive Magento theme Aroma
Aroma’s slideshow


Will this full-width slideshow, your key messages can be delivered fully to visitors, guaranteed!

Magento extension Masshead in Responsive Magento theme Aroma
Aroma’s Masshead


Masshead is an elegant way of introducing your
category pages. You can define image and text for each page and call it
onto your front-end with each.

#4 Practical theme customizing tools

5 color options in Responsive Magento theme Aroma
5 color options for you to choose

5 bonus colors

Responsive Magento theme Aroma is packed with 5 alternative theme skins. Thus, it takes 3 seconds only for you to refresh all over your site appearance within 1 click.

Magento extension BaseTheme in Responsive Magento theme Aroma
Magento theme customization tool—BaseTheme

 Magento extension BaseTheme

When it comes to theme customizing, it comes to BaseTheme. This powerful tool enforce you with such a full management over site appearance that you can easily choose unlimited colors for your background, header & footer or even small details like logo, next/back button or social icons. You also can redefine your product list layouts, not only for desktop views, but also for tablets and smartphones separately. Finally, you can choose to tag labels for selected items as Hot/Sales/New/etc. Not to mention, Aroma ships with the enhanced version of Basetheme with much stronger config functions. Check it out here.

Hit on Live Demo of responsive Magento theme Aroma,
and don’t forget that you can always built a Demo site yourself to
experience mastering this premium product. I hope you’ll enjoy!

#6 Support

DISCLAIMER: We support through UberTheme system ONLY. Comments in
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Items support does not include:

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