Serenity Client Management Portal (Project Management Tools)

Serenity {} is a light-weight, PHP-based online client management application that is built for freelancers. Focused on the intimate relationship between freelancers and their clients, Serenity {} makes heavy use of the jQuery library and AJAX protocols to do powerful things with little effort and to look and behave like a desktop application in the browser. Built on Bootstrap 3, Serenity {} offers a very clean and responsive look and feel across all browsers and devices.

It’s a simple interface designed to help you get things done fast and easy. Regardless of what you kind of service you provide, Serenity is designed to help you keep projects on track and share files with your clients. It is also fully integrated with Stripe and also supports PayPal so you can get paid for your services.

You can organize clients into groups and track how mush business you get. It’s an all in one client portal and I plan on making it a must have for freelancers!

Additionally, support is built in – you can open support tickets right from within the application.

Login Details:

uname: admin
pass: admin

Client 1:
uname: client
pass: client

Client 2:
uname: test
pass: test

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