Project Box – Team Management Tool (Project Management Tools)

ProjectBox is a powerful PHP CodeIgniter application that allows you to setup and manage projects whilst collaborating with other users. The system features tasks, forums, time logger, invoice and accounting systems and much more! We are also updating our products so if you’ve got any suggestions, feel free to email us!

You can use the Demo by simply registering an account on the Demo Page. All the accounts are automatically turned into Admins so you will be able to see all the options available.

Demo Link:

Or you can use the Demo Login Details:
Email: [email protected]
Password: test123

ProjectBox is also very secure!

  • Uses prepared statements so no SQL Injection!
  • Protects against CSRF attacks!
  • HTML Filter to protect against XSS attacks!
  • Built on powerful CodeIgniter Framework that has been tried and tested by millions of developers
  • Passwords are encrypted using PHPass Library
  • Captcha enabled pages to prevent spam!

Feature List

  • Create Projects
    • Create unlimited projects and invite unlimited members to join your team!
    • Each project is unique from all other projects
    • Allow members to register and create their own projects (or disable)
    • Admins can access all Projects and modify them
    • Easily switch between Projects using the frontpage or folder icon in the navigation bar
  • Tasks
    • Create unlimited amount of tasks for your Projects!
    • Tasks can be sorted by tags which allow you to organize your tasks in an efficient way.
    • Activity Stream for each Task to let you know the most recent actions
    • Set start and due dates and progress completion to let team members know how far the task is completed.
    • Add team members to each Task so that they receive notifications on new updates.
    • Add mini objectives to each task to help keep the task organized and know what needs to still be completed.
    • Objectives can be marked as completed and used to sync the Progress bar
    • Each task has it’s own message area where team members can discuss the task.
    • Use the @username ping feature to alert a user in the Task.
    • Assign Files and Tags to Tasks to let your Team know what to use.
    • Tasks can have their status and details changed on the fly.
  • File Manager
    • Upload files to your Project that your Team can view and use.
    • Set which File Types can be uploaded in the Admin Panel
    • Organize your files by creating File Categories.
    • Files can be assigned to Tasks
    • Delete and Modify uploaded files.
  • Team Management
    • Add unlimited registered users to your Project
    • Each Project has it’s own set of unique groups which you can assign to your Users.
    • Each group can have different powers set for it, so you can easily allow different users to have different access to each part of the project.
    • A user can be a member of many projects as well as create multiple projects (which can be disabled or enabled)
  • Time Logger
    • Log time that you spend on completing tasks and work.
    • Set an hourly rate for time spent to help work out how much you are owed.
    • View time per day of the week or in useful recently logged time lists.
    • Once you start logging time, you can stop it as soon as you have finished working to get accurate minutes. You can also start the timer again if you continue working.
    • Time can be marked as paid to help work out how much you are owed.
    • The Time Logger works for each user.
    • Easy to look at time logged for all users too.
  • Chat
    • Each project comes with it’s own chat board where topics can be created.
    • Topics can be stickied and locked.
    • You can notify a user by using the @username ping feature and they will be notified of being mentioned in a chat topic.
    • View newest posts so you can easily keep up to date with what’s going on.
  • Ticket System
    • Create tickets that can be answered by Ticket Admins.
    • Tickets can be categorized and have a priority set for them.
    • Tickets can also be closed when solved.
    • The all Tickets area is only available to Ticket Admins so you can easily add your clients to the system.
    • Set Ticket Admins option in the Team management section.
    • Create categories for the Ticket System.
  • Accounting
    • Log accounts of your expenditure and profits.
    • Each account may have a currency set for it as well as a conversion to help keep consistency.
    • Accounts can be organized by categories
    • Add note to each logged account.
    • Export the accounts to CSV file by selecting a start date and end date.
    • Add and modify different currencies to work with
    • Create Invoices that can automatically be paid via PayPal and updated using the PayPal IPN system.
    • Send Invoices to clients and setup Merchant accounts used to be paid with.
    • Easily specify the cost of items and services for each invoice, as well as any Tax.
    • Invoice can be paid in any currencies you add.
    • Option to email the client the Invoice.
    • Once an Invoice is paid via PayPal, the Invoice is automatically marked as paid by using the PayPal’s IPN system.
    • Create Merchant accounts that are used to be paid with.
  • Mail System
    • Send messages to users of the ProjectBox system.
    • Get a notification each time you get a mail
    • Block users from sending you messages on the system.
    • All you need to know is the user’s username to be able to send them a message.
  • Notifications
    • Get notifications when you are pinged using the @username feature on the chat boards, file system and tasks area.
    • Get notifications from tasks whenever they are updated.
    • Get notifications when you are invited to a project.
    • Ability to get an email each time you get a notification (can enable/disable)
  • ProjectBox
    • The System is Translation Ready that allows you to easily translate the system into any language by modifying the language files (just 4).
    • Built on CodeIgniter PHP MVC Framework.
    • Uses Twitter Bootstrap 3.0
    • Friend URLS for SEO
    • HTML validated
    • Contains the normal features such as Forgot Password, Login, Registration, User Panel, Change Password and more!

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