Social Freelancer – Project & Task Management (Windows)

ONLINE DEMO: You can only create one project but can’t view jobs.

DESKTOP APP: You can create UNLIMITED projects and view some jobs.


You are a freelancer and you are searching for a tool which helps you to manage your projects and find new jobs? Well, then don’t look any further!
Social Freelancer is a tool for every freelancer that bring those important things together.

Its a simple and useful project management tool to help you manage all your client projects and tasks, search jobs from multiple sites and social networks in one place and create a social portfolio to showcase your work and get hired.


The desktop tool helps you keep score of job with completion percentages and reminder type notes, and custom timezone date and time. It has urgency which bumps tasks to the top of the list and alters their colour to stand out. It also sends automatic emails to your clients of task progress so they have piece of mind that your working on their project and making progress, helping you build a lasting working relationship, trust and reliability so you can keep getting hired and grow your income.

Social Freelancer Features


If you have a small business or freelancer that would benefit from prioritization or you just like to keep organized, it’s the perfect tool for you, as you can manage your projects, tasks and search jobs in one place. Its great for: Developers, Designers, Consultants, Writers, Marketers, tradesmen and other professionals.


Simple and easy to use

If you want a simple project management tools and free of clutter without all the bells and whistles, then this is ideal. It’s simple and easy to use, no learning curve, just add unlimited projects, tasks and notes and your away!

Build client relationships and trust

If you have demanding clients who require regular updates or you want to build a client relationship to get regular work, then the automatic email updates is perfect for you, because when you enter the client email and update any task, notes or completion percentage, the client get an automatic email, this gives them the piece of mind they need and makes you look professional and reliable.

Search and apply for freelance jobs

Tired of visiting multiple sites to find freelance jobs? Save your time and effort and view all the latest vacancies in one place! (E.g. Elance, Linkedin, Twitter etc).

Showcase your work and get hired

Display your portfolio from multiple networks (Facebook, Pinterest, DeviantArt, Dribble etc) into one stylish portfolio page and share the link with clients so they can be impressed and hire you more quickly.

Save your time, money and effort

No hosting or installation required. The tool is easy to use, inexpensive and automatic so you can focus on what you do best…freelancing.


Keep yourself organised

The helps you organise projects, tasks, notes, jobs in once place so you can keep on top of things.

Manage multiple projects

Because it provides a very easy way to mange and track all your projects, you can work on multiple projects at once to increase earnings.

Find new jobs

No need to go to multiple sites to find new jobs, all the latest freelance jobs in various categories is just one click away.

Get rehired and referrals

You can get rehired by referrals as clients can easily use the referrer tool to send messages to all their contacts.

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